Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sewing Projects

Yesterday I told you about my day of sewing
and today I have time to post some pictures.

My boys are lovers of all things cowboy.
I already mentioned that I plan to do some
cowboy decor in their rooms.

In addition, I thought it would be fun
to make them some nice vests to wear
to church to help dress up their jeans.
(My oldest son is too tall and thin to
even find slacks for him any more.)

For my eldest's birthday, I am going
to surprise him with a brown suede vest.
Such wonderful material!


And then for Christmas, I plan to make
all my men black vests.  The material
for that almost made them drool when
they saw it!  So I know they are 
anticipating that.  (I wanted to keep
it a surprise but that was too difficult
because I would have only been able
to work on it after they go to bed
which isn't until 9:00pm.  And I am
too tired by then to work on it.)

Here's the black:

Nice!!!  I wish my photo could have caught
more of the color's nuances.  Maybe I will
get better ones in the next stage of progress.

I can hardly wait to get started on the sewing.

More updates coming soon!


  1. Sewing is not one of my things...I do it "sometime" the mood strikes me, I seem to lose interest quickly..I have no idea why. I guess that is why I like the is more portable. Although I do have 2 pillows to make for my son..thanks for reminding me..I saw the pattern somewhere and can't remember where..the pillow cases are removable, there is an opening to remove the pillow. That will be my sewing project soon..I forgot all about it...Nice job on the handsome they will all look in them.Won't they be surprised..?

  2. Faith, I know what you mean. My sewing inspiration comes and goes rather quickly. I too like the ease of crochet. But I do 'get in the mood' to sew and go and buy the stuff. Then the mood usually leaves, but I have spent money and that 'pressure' helps me to follow through. :) May God put motivation in your heart and 'wind beneath your wings' for your own sewing endeavor! It is nice to be able to bless others from the skills God gives us! :)

  3. Great that you are able to sew so good! Would have liked to be able too...
    I love these suede vests really a lot and this type of vest any way (even for young or thin women), so also the darker one is very elegant.

  4. Lia, thank you. Have a wonderful day!


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