Thursday, December 29, 2011

Derailed! Tile project takes precedence.

As you know, I intended to craft and photograph and share with you over my break.  I have crafted somewhat.  But we had a home repair usurp the relaxation plan.  I'm sure you've encountered the same from time to time.

So I will share some pictures from that 'creative' project that is still underway and probably will be for awhile.  My husband has spent his vacation doing it, instead of relaxing and blogging and working on his booth at the antique mall.  What a guy!  I'm so grateful to him.  He has, over the years, saved us SO much money by being both handy and willing to do things himself.  I appreciate and love him so much for the way he takes care of our family and our home.

Here are some 'before' shots:

I am the clean-up crew and sometime assistant tile and spacer hander.

Old tile we thought we might re-use in the other shower when we re-do it. 
BUT, after 2 hours of cleaning off the back and only getting 14 tiles cleaned, we gave up.  New tile will only cost around $100, and it isn't worth the hand and back damage.

Old wallpaper.  Interesting!  (Yes, I decided to re-do the walls, since tiling a shower isn't a big enough project!  Nuts!!!)

Number 2 Son karate chopped the old sheetrock out.  Boy heaven, permissive destruction!

New plumbing!  While we were at it...

New tile design.

This is my WONDERFUL husband who always figures out how to do amazing things we need done by reading books.  Librarian by trade, home repairman extraordinaire. 

 I am WAY impressed with my Man!

 More to come on this...

I promise I WILL get my crochet projects photographed sometime soon.  God willing!!!
So, stay tuned...

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Crafty Time is Almost Here!

Hello Cyber Friends! 

I have been busily working away on the home front over the past month trying to finish the semester strong.  School is progressing as smoothly as it can, and we have today and tomorrow before we are finished for the Christmas season.  During our 3 weeks off, I intend to craft and prepare Christmas presents as well as get a few projects done on the home front.  Hopefully I will be able to squeeze in some time to photograph said craft and misc. projects to share with you.  I also fondly hope I will have time to work on my songwriting.

So, here's to hoping...


Saturday, November 5, 2011

Leaving a Legacy

I attended a women's event at our church this morning with my sweet mother-in-law, Kay and my youngest sister-in-law, Amanda, and my good friend, Katie.  Many of my church friends and their family members were there as well.

Our speaker was a family member of our event organizer, Holly.  The speaker showed us her prayer journal and talked about how to get organized in your prayer life to life up people more frequently and to be more effective in prayer.  She also said she saves past prayer sheets to hand down to her children so they can see how she prayed for them through different life stages.  A legacy of prayer!

I want to become a prayer warrior.  But somehow the busyness of life gets in the way.  I get up early most mornings to spend time with Jesus, but often my thoughts wander in meaningless voids. 

The speaker, Debbie, shared about praying out loud as a technique for focusing thoughts and keeping away from rabbit trails.  She had an organized prayer notebook, splitting different people groups among the days of the week as a technique for making time for prayer for all those who need it.  She even puts pictures of those she prayers for regularly by their prayer requests to bring them more personally to mind during her prayer time. 

I loved it, but the thought of accomplishing all that is, to be honest, a little overwhelming.  So now I will take what I learned and pray over how God wants me to use some of it in my time with Him.  Debbie encouraged us not to make it a taskmaster over us, but a tool to help us.


Funny how so many things in life 
come back to this one word for me.

The speaker also talked about writing in a journal to the Lord.  She says she writes out all her thoughts, feelings, and current life events.  But she only does it once a week.  I thought that was a good goal.  When I think I have to do that everyday, again, I get overwhelmed.  Debbie says she plans for her journals to go to her children some day so that they can know her and her heart when she's gone.  A legacy of transparency!

Finally, we were encouraged to write down memories of special things our children say and do to enjoy as we get older and need help remembering.  I'm sure the children would enjoy reading those as well.  A legacy of memories!

I hope I will successfully leave these legacies myself.

I want to grow in my spiritual life.  I'm always trying to do whatever I can to stay close to Jesus.  So maybe I will pick up a nugget to use from today.  In any case, it was a good time, full of laughter and a few tears.  Women sharing together always have to have elements of both.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Current Thread Crochet Projects

I haven't had time to blog much lately.  But I have been working on crocheting, though not as avidly as usual.  My shoulders and neck have been stiff, and the chiropractor thinks crocheting and being on the computer are contributing factors.  So I have pared down, and most of the work I'm showing here today has been worked other than the past couple of weeks.  When things settle down, I'm sure I'll get back to crocheting/blogging more regularly, although not for long blocks of time.  I get started crocheting, and the 'just 1 more row' syndrome kicks in.  And we all know how the computer sucks us in to a time void.  Well, I guess my middle-aged body is rebelling at my overdoing tendencies.  So I must learn to work smarter.

That is probably more than you wanted to know, so I will get on with the crochet.

This doily I have shown before, but I had to re-block it after washing.  So I thought it would be good to show it again with the other things I'm working on.

I crocheted this for my husband originally, so I thought it fitting for him to take it to his booth at the flea market to cover some shelving flaws.

I'm trying this black doily due to my friend Vikki over at ByHooks4U.  I loved hers, so...

These little motifs are due to 2 of my favorite crocheters.  Again, Vikki, because she had the motif book I was asking about a while back in duplicate and was kind enough to sell her extra to me.  And my mother, who is always on the look out for ways to bless me.  When she visited for the 16 year old's birthday, she brought me a bag of goodies filled with thin crochet threads and ribbons.  Woohoo!

There is not much of each color of thread, so I decided that these balls were PERFECT to try out with my new book, 101 Motifs for Thread Crochet.

Thanks Vikki and Mom!!!

Last but not least, I made a Santa hat and beard for my 14 year old's Halloween costume per his instructions and have sewn stripes onto karate belts.

A crafter's work is never done!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

New Venture

My husband just opened a booth at a local flea market.  This weekend has been full of him researching prices and labeling items.  We took some stuff over to get started yesterday.  I washed some old glasses for my contribution.  While he's been doing most of the work on that, I've still been doing the usual shopping, cooking, grading papers, sewing, and baking of my job.

He's been wanting to do something like this for years.  I pray it is a successful venture for him.  I know it will be fun.  His dad is an antique dealer (  So he grew up going to flea markets, auctions, etc.  He loves to 'collect' and to buy unusual things.  Now he will have an outlet, and my house won't have to hold it!  :)

If you're curious as to what types of things he likes, go to

Who knows?  I might even put some of my work out, if I ever have time to do any extra.

Friday, October 21, 2011

My 'baby' is turning 16!

Sixteen years ago, on the 23rd of October, my 1st son was born.  So wonderful.  A long road with many challenges and much love.  And now he is nearing 6' and almost grown.

I can hardly believe it.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Crochet Thread Floral Baby Bonnet and Bootie Set Re-cap

I thought you might like to see all the variations I have done of this pattern together.  I will put the post link with each picture so that you can go read the details about each if you would like to.

The 1st attempt:  Ava Elizabeth

Apology for bad picture.  Best one I had.

2nd attempt:  Caryn Rae/Aidan

3rd attempt:  Allison Kay/Eliza Jane

4th attempt:  Baby Reeder

I wish I had a good picture of the all white set
so that you could compare them.
It was really sweet,
but the COLOR
makes this set


The pattern is in my
The Complete Guide to Thread Crochet

If you'd like to look at it, click on my favorite resources page at the top and then click on the book.   Amazon might have some of the pages up for you to look at.  The book has one baby set, the beige sweater I made, as well as lots of other fine projects.  

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thread Crochet Ponytail Holders Series (4)


Ponytail Band Toppers:  Ten Designs to Crochet

(pattern #10)

There are also some pattern options
using beads which are very sweet.
But I do not have any beads


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A song I wrote

I have been writing songs for about 5 years.  I just recently figured out how I can get them on here recently.  It is just an audio file and only me singing.  Nothing fancy.  I don't play any instruments, or I'd tried to make it sound better.  Anyway, just thought I'd share it with you.  The words are below the video box.

"Entrust Yourself"


Entrust yourself to the One Who judges justly.
Give your life to the One Who holds you dear.
Realize that He is always with you.
Never give in.

Verse 1

Never give up, never give in
Though you must start all over again.
Though you may fall, though you may fail,
Run to His side.  He will prevail.


Verse 2

Hard times will come.  Hard times will go.
Satan will stand against you as foe.
Run to the Father.  Run to the Son.
Run the good race; it’s already won!

Chorus (repeat)

Tag (last line of Chorus twice)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Does anyone know

where to get this book?

It is on Amazon for $600.  Is that NUTS or what?

Monday, October 10, 2011

Thread Crochet Ponytail Holders Series (3)


Ponytail Band Toppers:  Ten Designs to Crochet 

"Southern Charm"
(pattern #5)

Last, but not least,
a variegated pink
is coming soon.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thread Crochet Ponytail Holders Series (2)


Ponytail Band Toppers:  Ten Designs to Crochet 
"Pink Carnation"
(pattern #3)

Next comes another purple!!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What I was up to yesterday...

I have 4 boys.
They are all rough and tumble.

This trampoline belongs to boy #3.

He did this to the net one day.

Now I have fixed several more minor tears in the netting:

 (Some of which could not be fully repaired.)

But they have out done themselves.

I told them, "The net is there 'just in case';
it is NOT there to rebound off of."

I took pictures as I made progress:

This is NOT the kind of craftiness/sewing
that I particularly enjoy so...

Here's to hoping!!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Thread Crochet Ponytail Holders Series (1)


I made these using small ponytail holders.

The patterns are from a book called:
Ponytail Band Toppers:  Ten Designs to Crochet
by Liz Edmondson

This particular pattern is "Spring Lace" (pattern #1 in the book)

I used size 10 thread with a size 6 (1.80mm) thread crochet hook.

3 more ponytail patterns
are on their way!

Friday, September 30, 2011


If any of you possibly can,
go see this movie!

It will only be out for a few
days in the theater.

This is probably the best movie
I've seen.  It makes a person
really think about what it means
to be a parent and to do an
excellent job in the sight of 
God Almighty.

Here's a preview:

I so hope you will make time for this.
It is more than worth the price
of admission (and I never think
that with today's trumped up prices).

Frog It Friday

Here is the doily that I
originally intended for 
the Give-Away:

It, too, is a PK.
The pattern is "Penny Lane."
But as you can tell,
something went awry.

This doily has been blocked,


I was not able to work the warp out.

I decided that I would have to frog
it to the point before the warp starts.

I just kept wondering what happened.

and wondering...

(I don't usually have this trouble.)

and wondering.

Then I saw the hook I had been using.

I KNOW I started this doily
with a size 7 (1.65mm).

But lo and behold,
this hook was a size 4!!!

Girls, I have 



how I did that!


a frogging I will go,
a frogging I will go.
High-ho the derry-o,
a frogging I will go!