Friday, September 30, 2011

Frog It Friday

Here is the doily that I
originally intended for 
the Give-Away:

It, too, is a PK.
The pattern is "Penny Lane."
But as you can tell,
something went awry.

This doily has been blocked,


I was not able to work the warp out.

I decided that I would have to frog
it to the point before the warp starts.

I just kept wondering what happened.

and wondering...

(I don't usually have this trouble.)

and wondering.

Then I saw the hook I had been using.

I KNOW I started this doily
with a size 7 (1.65mm).

But lo and behold,
this hook was a size 4!!!

Girls, I have 



how I did that!


a frogging I will go,
a frogging I will go.
High-ho the derry-o,
a frogging I will go!


  1. How brave of you to admit it! I still don't believe you're human, you're an angel.

  2. Oh how frustrating! Hope it finishes to your liking!

  3. I'll let you know how it turns out, eventually. Vikki's work has inspired me to want to try a black doily. I've got to look for a lacey one.


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