Thursday, September 8, 2011

Venture into Yarn Land

You know that I LOVE THREAD CROCHET, right?  

(As my oldest son would say,  
"Thank you, Captain Obvious.")

But...every once in awhile there is a project which compels me to venture into 

Yarn Land.

And in one of my many visits to Bella Crochet, I happened across a free pattern that Ann offers.

A VERY cute Sunflower Dish Cloth made with cotton yarn.

It is SO bright and cheery that I really wanted to try it.

And it has turned out so cute!


The pattern called for a size I hook.  Which turned out nice, but sort of large for my little hands.

So then I tried it with size H, and then settled on G.

I like the results!!!

Besides being so cute,
the pattern is quite easy
and is a quick

You can make one easily while
sitting in your doctor's waiting room.
(I started one and got all but two small sections
of the yellow finished when I was waiting on 
my chiropractor last Friday.)

Happy Crocheting!!!


  1. Great pattern to choose for a yarn adventure!

  2. I also love to crochet with thread but right now I am working with yarn. It keeps our minds alert if we do something different once in a while. Well that's what the experts say!

  3. I like the results too - they're very nice. :)

  4. I like the smaller one better too. Did you get her leaf patterns..they are pretty neat.


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