Monday, February 14, 2011

Project Update

Slowly, but surely...

 Pillow Cover #1, side #1.

 V-neck Pullover Sweater:
On the hook:  the beginning of Sleeve 1.

My man working with my littlest man.
He just turned 9 on Saturday.

Monday, February 7, 2011


I don't have any new pictures yet.  I am working away on my sweater.  I got the right front piece done and then had to frog it.  So I counted more carefully and started over on that.  Finished that during the Super Bowl.  Today I started the left front piece and am working away on that.

I also am still at work on the pillow covers.  I have the front of one at least 1/2 way done.  The yarn is so soft and such a rich color.  Loving that.  The yarn doesn't hold together super tight which makes knitting it a little more difficult.  I keep getting the needle stuck through the yarn or I leave a little piece of it somewhere it ought not be.  But the overall look is fine.  I won't know if I'm keeping it or frogging it until I get done basically, so...

I haven't worked any more on either pink doily.  So 1 out of the 6 projects is done and 2 more are making progress.  Not too bad.

It's my week off from teaching my boys.  I had a lovely lazy day of reading a book and watching My Fair Lady.  I did also dust my living room.  My wonderful husband helping me do the shopping this evening.  I found my youngest son a new coat for $5 and a hat for $.50!

My primary goal this week is to relax.  My other goal is to get my house clean by doing 1 or 2 rooms per day.  This allows me to get it done without actually overworking.  Hopefully I can stick to my plan.  I'm always happier going back to school if the house has an overall cleaner feel to it.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

PK Ta-dah!

Here she is,


in all her glory:

As you can see, ironing does help!

And here are a few pictures from our winter storm:

We got around 18" yesterday.

Thank You, Lord, for no power outage
and for a warm home.

We are blessed.