Monday, February 7, 2011


I don't have any new pictures yet.  I am working away on my sweater.  I got the right front piece done and then had to frog it.  So I counted more carefully and started over on that.  Finished that during the Super Bowl.  Today I started the left front piece and am working away on that.

I also am still at work on the pillow covers.  I have the front of one at least 1/2 way done.  The yarn is so soft and such a rich color.  Loving that.  The yarn doesn't hold together super tight which makes knitting it a little more difficult.  I keep getting the needle stuck through the yarn or I leave a little piece of it somewhere it ought not be.  But the overall look is fine.  I won't know if I'm keeping it or frogging it until I get done basically, so...

I haven't worked any more on either pink doily.  So 1 out of the 6 projects is done and 2 more are making progress.  Not too bad.

It's my week off from teaching my boys.  I had a lovely lazy day of reading a book and watching My Fair Lady.  I did also dust my living room.  My wonderful husband helping me do the shopping this evening.  I found my youngest son a new coat for $5 and a hat for $.50!

My primary goal this week is to relax.  My other goal is to get my house clean by doing 1 or 2 rooms per day.  This allows me to get it done without actually overworking.  Hopefully I can stick to my plan.  I'm always happier going back to school if the house has an overall cleaner feel to it.


  1. Looking forward to the, I may clean out the hall closet...somebody could get hurt in there...take time to enjoy the simple,beautiful..

  2. Hi Faith! Great to hear from you again. Hope all is well in your corner of the world. Thanks for the encouragement. I am focusing on being thankful.


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