Wednesday, January 26, 2011

W.I.P.s are Multiplying

KA-POW!!!  W.I.P. Explosion!

I know you remember this:
And, as I told you,


I can't decide what to do next
color-wise or if I should just start over.

So what do I do when I don't know what to do
on one project?  I start on a different one.  :)

(I also do that when I get bored with a project.)
(The stitches on this sweater can get A LITTLE monotonous!)


I remember that I have to make a gift for someone:

And before you know it,


I have too many projects going at once!!!

(I just remembered this one.  Oops!)

Does this ever happen to you?


  1. Happens all the time, but just can't help it, there's so many nice things to make.

  2. Happen continously to me: with three, four or five things crocheting... A lot of other ideas in my mind too and with my failed projects too, of course.

  3. Thanks Girls! And guess what? Instead of reforming, yesterday I bought some beautiful red yarn (yes, I said YARN) and I'm trying to make some pillow covers by knitting (Yes, I said KNITTING). Pray for me! ;)

  4. W.I.P. Women in Prison? That's a whole genre of film.

  5. Robert-Ha, ha! That's 'work-in-progress'.

    Friends, meet my comedic husband! It takes true love for a man to officially follow a crochet blog when he doesn't even crochet. :)

  6. Yes! Always! I can't just do only one project but several at once! ☺

  7. I try not to start another project before I finish one. It's hard to do but I hold myself to it!

  8. Charlotte--good for you! You're so disciplined. I usually don't get quite this many going at once, but it does keep my interest better to have more than 1 at a time. I'm almost done with one of them now, 2 rows to go.

  9. Aisyah Helga, welcome. I understand! Thanks for dropping by and for leaving a comment!

  10. MsmaLezlie, long talk. As usual beautiful work to be found here. I don't think I have to many projects..sometime though when things are not going smoothly with a pattern, or if I have to FROG it to many times,I put it away and find something else. Sometimes, I know this is hard to believe...I get in a's true. Usually the "perfect pattern"
    gets me out of it. I go back and forth between
    yarn and thread...I am in thread mode now...
    working on a potholder which won't be. Decorative pretties is what I make...



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