Friday, January 28, 2011

Knitting with Yarn - Me?

Well Ladies, not only did I NOT reform,

(yes, I said YARN)


I'm not even crocheting with it.

(Lion Brand Homespun acrylic yarn is SO soft!)

(yes, I said KNIT)

I am way out of my element here!!!

And I guess it is better to have
yet ANOTHER new project
sitting here on my doily than this:


And yet, I don't kick her off.

Why is that?

Anyway, I want to make a cover for some of my sofa pillows, and I wanted the weave to be close.  So, I decided to blow the dust off my knitting needles.  I reviewed the basic steps, picked a simple pattern called 'seed and stockinette stitch ribs', and dove right in.  I didn't let my rudimentary skills stop me.  ;)  (I figure that if I don't do it well enough, I can always frog it and start over again in crochet.


  1. Good for you. Pretty yarn and love the color. I every so often get the knitting needles and start and I can do it ... basic stitches ... but I am so painfully slow. Now your doily adornment looks cuddly and comfy so I can see why you left her there, besides she just adores the doily. I can tell by the look on her face!

  2. I feel the same way about knitting, Glor. But it is fun to have a new challenge and work with a new medium.

  3. good for you!! I just started knitting too (been crocheting for about 35 years). it's awkward and cumbersome at first. AND!! don't let anybody tell you "you're doing it wrong". just like crochet, if its comfortable to you, and your project is turning out as you like, then you're not doing it wrong. I knit through the back, because thats how I was taught many years ago (never picked it up until a couple of months ago, and it just "clicked"), and i've been told its wrong. but its comfy, and my stitches look just like anybody elses, so there ya go! Good luck!! and stick with it. you'll get it.

  4. wildblue--thanks for dropping by and thanks for the encouragement! I appreciate your words of wisdom.


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