Monday, May 23, 2011

Joplin, MO Tornado

Friends, we live about 40 miles from Joplin and are so sorry for this community.  We are lifting them up in prayer.  We are thinking about how we might help.  If you know the Lord Jesus, please join us in prayer! 

A 1/2 mile swath was pretty much wiped out, including a lot of schools and one of their hospitals.

So sad and difficult a time.

Thank you!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Baby Boom!

I am in full baby gift production.  I have 8 babies I know of to be born before the year's end!  Woah!

The 1st one arrived yesterday.  It's a GIRL!  She is the 10th of 10 girls and the 11th child altogether.  She is beautiful.  And she was a surprise, since they don't find out ahead of time.  So... I've got to get right on that.

Another one is due any day, a boy.

The next 2 are in August, 2 girls.

Then a boy in September, and another 2 in October.

The last baby I know of will arrive in December.

Plus, I have started a doily in looking forward to reaching 50 followers.  I plan to have a give-away to celebrate.  There should be plenty of time to get that done.  A year into blogging, I'm almost to 40 now.

With all that, it is probably a good thing that I've frogged a couple of projects, and that I couldn't get my new sweater started right yet.  It will stay 'paused' while I take care of God's gracious bundles of blessings.

My husband's 45th birthday is Thursday, and our 19th Anniversary is a week from today.  So we are looking forward to those celebratory events.

I hope this post find you and yours happy, well, and blessed!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Frog It Friday

I made my decision.

is going too.

Say good-bye.

I just never could find the color that
should come next, and
I'm tired of thinking about it.