Wednesday, April 7, 2010

First Purse Attempt

First, I bought a pattern book on crocheting purses:

Then I bought some black nylon yarn
(even though it said to use cotton):

Then I made my first attempt at 
crocheting a purse:

I think it turned out pretty well.

I'm a little concerned about where the ends of the nylon are connected.
It is a slick yarn and I hope it will not unravel.
My husband suggested I melt the ends...

after I try it on the leftover yarn first of course.

He's SO smart!!!
What would I do without him?

He's a Good Gift!!!
James 1:17

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Scrolls and Flowers

At my sweet husband's request,
I made this doily to lay across
his antique filing cabinet.

He thought it need something...

so we perused through my Decorative Crochet
magazine collection and he chose
the Autumn Moon pattern from
the March 1997 edition.

See how nicely it complements?

He likes it!!!

  And that's what matters.

Aunt Lydia's size 20-white.
Size 12 (.75mm) hook.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Cutie Booties!

I crocheted these flag design booties for our nieces.

His niece had a boy:

Her niece had a girl:

And it's doubly appropriate that their
booties match because...


I made these booties following the pattern:  Two-Tone
in the Leisure Arts Bootie Collection book #3052,
with designs by Kay Meadors.

The patterns called for a size 7 (1.65mm) hook and
size 10 crochet thread, which is my favorite medium.

I do also like the thinner threads like size 20 and 30,
but not for baby apparel.  These sizes are
great with doilies primarily.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sweet Dress

This pretty was for my niece.

I wish I had gotten a better picture
but this will have to do.

I modified the underskirt so it would not allow her diaper to show through.

The pattern is Raleigh Belle by Lisa Naskrent.
I purchased it as a download from Annie's Attic.
I used Paton's Grace yarn (light (3) weight) - Ginger and Natural.

I used a size G hook.

Beautiful Butterflies

My mommy LOVES hummingbirds and butterflies.

So imagine my delight when I found this pretty doily pattern:

Doesn't it just scream "SPRING!!!"?

She loved it, flaws and all.

I was using up some stash colors I was given
and I had to make them stretch a bit so
I tweaked the edging of the butterflies a bit.

I also messed up the center and ended up
with less stitches around the edge than I needed
to use the number of butterflies in the pattern.
I will pay better attention next time.

It was just as well since I was short
on thread anyway.

The Butterfly Garden Doily pattern is from
the Annie's Attic book:  Vintage Floral Doilies
by Elizabeth Ann White

I also made the Sweet Southern Belle Doily from that book.

All the patterns in the book call for using a size 7 (1.65mm) hook.
There are 7 floral doilies with raised motif aspects.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

School Teacher Booties

At my church,
at every baby shower,
the mama is expecting
to receive her special
homemade gift from me.

Sometimes it is a bonnet.

But most of the time it is a pair of booties.

These booties were made for a school teacher friend.
I found the pattern after I found out she was expecting
her 3rd baby.  And because the booties were
PERFECT for her I found myself hoping she
had a boy, even though she already had two.

That was weird!!!

Since I have 4 boys,
I'm usually rooting 
for other mamas with
boys to get a girl!

Oh well!!!

You never know what havoc
a great crochet pattern can
wreak in your personality!

Go figure.

Pattern from Leisure Arts Bootie Collection #3052.
Designs by Kay Meadors
Hook size: 7 (1.65mm)