Thursday, April 1, 2010

School Teacher Booties

At my church,
at every baby shower,
the mama is expecting
to receive her special
homemade gift from me.

Sometimes it is a bonnet.

But most of the time it is a pair of booties.

These booties were made for a school teacher friend.
I found the pattern after I found out she was expecting
her 3rd baby.  And because the booties were
PERFECT for her I found myself hoping she
had a boy, even though she already had two.

That was weird!!!

Since I have 4 boys,
I'm usually rooting 
for other mamas with
boys to get a girl!

Oh well!!!

You never know what havoc
a great crochet pattern can
wreak in your personality!

Go figure.

Pattern from Leisure Arts Bootie Collection #3052.
Designs by Kay Meadors
Hook size: 7 (1.65mm)

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