Thursday, December 29, 2011

Derailed! Tile project takes precedence.

As you know, I intended to craft and photograph and share with you over my break.  I have crafted somewhat.  But we had a home repair usurp the relaxation plan.  I'm sure you've encountered the same from time to time.

So I will share some pictures from that 'creative' project that is still underway and probably will be for awhile.  My husband has spent his vacation doing it, instead of relaxing and blogging and working on his booth at the antique mall.  What a guy!  I'm so grateful to him.  He has, over the years, saved us SO much money by being both handy and willing to do things himself.  I appreciate and love him so much for the way he takes care of our family and our home.

Here are some 'before' shots:

I am the clean-up crew and sometime assistant tile and spacer hander.

Old tile we thought we might re-use in the other shower when we re-do it. 
BUT, after 2 hours of cleaning off the back and only getting 14 tiles cleaned, we gave up.  New tile will only cost around $100, and it isn't worth the hand and back damage.

Old wallpaper.  Interesting!  (Yes, I decided to re-do the walls, since tiling a shower isn't a big enough project!  Nuts!!!)

Number 2 Son karate chopped the old sheetrock out.  Boy heaven, permissive destruction!

New plumbing!  While we were at it...

New tile design.

This is my WONDERFUL husband who always figures out how to do amazing things we need done by reading books.  Librarian by trade, home repairman extraordinaire. 

 I am WAY impressed with my Man!

 More to come on this...

I promise I WILL get my crochet projects photographed sometime soon.  God willing!!!
So, stay tuned...

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