Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Look what I have!

This morning,

I was so excited to discover a 
I didn't realize I had.

A friend had given me this pattern book
for crochet thread sweaters way back in
March.  Good Grief!

I had tucked it away, and I just
'discovered' it again.


If you pop over to Amazon,
you can see pictures of the
designs there!

Leisure Arts #3083 Fashion Collection

And, lo and behold,
the designer just happens to be
my friend, Kay Meadors!

When I saw that, after looking through
the 6 wonderful designs, I laughed out loud!

"Of course!"  I said to myself.

Now, if I just can find the time...


  1. Time IS the hardest commodity to come by, isn't it? Was just commenting on another blog, that I just last night tried crocheting with thread for the first time. I used size 10 thread and a "C" hook, and I really enjoyed it after I got used to the tinier scale. Your dainties have certainly inspired me, so just wanted to say thank you :-)

  2. Erica, good for you! You will find your progress much easier if you run and buy a size 7 (1.65mm)steel hook that is made for crochet thread. The heads on those are so much smaller. Size 7 is what A LOT of patterns require. Thank you for your nice compliment. Crochet thread is certainly my fave medium. I like it because of the ease of working with it & because one ball makes A LOT!!! I'm cheap, what can I say! :)


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