Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dishcloth Dither

So...this is the conversation I
recently had with myself:

"Too much cotton yarn 
sitting around with 
nothing to do...

I know, I'll make some

But they have to be easy
because I am NOT 
sitting around with
nothing to do!"

Yes, my mind settled on
dishcloths.  An item
everyone needs.

Here are my 1st two
that I've completed,
one knitted, one crocheted.
(GASP, did you say knitted?
Why yes, I did.
But a small square is
all the skill I have

(Knitting skills development will primarily have to wait for more leisure years!)

And one W.I.P.:

The pattern book I have is a Leisure Arts book, #2077.

If you want to see some of the designs,
pop over to Amazon.

This book features crocheted patterns.
My knitted work is not from it.

The patterns use hook sizes G,H,I,J.
They call for cotton yarn.

I like the patterns, but the size
is large for a dishcloth I think.
I may downsize the one
I'm working on or I
may wait until I start
a new one to try to
modify the pattern.

And, just in case you want to see the furniture
the beautiful wood backdrop belongs to,
here it is:

Beautiful, isn't it?

This is the 1st piece of furniture
that my highly talented Father-in-Law
refinished when he was starting
out as an antique dealer.

He does wonderful work and 
his skills have become incredible
over the course of his 
professional development.

If you like to look at his fine furniture,
hop on over to 

Your eyes will say, 'WOW!!!'

May the Lord greatly bless you
on this fine day He has created!

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