Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Busy Day

Today we had a big day.  

My husband took boys to soccer games
while I stayed home to start on 
my sewing projects--
vests for gifts for
all my men. 

We went for a walk at mid-day AND
managed to fit in a garage sale en route.

We had 4 great finds for $1 total.

When we returned, I resumed sewing and
the DH got back to work on the carpentry
project he started last week:  putting
plywood in our attic to create flooring for

I made good progress today.
I got all the vests I had material for cut out.

When I was done, so was my back.
So...after I made dinner, I decided
to get papers graded and recorded
instead of any more sewing.

I will try to get pictures posted about
the garage sale finds and the vest materials.

Hopefully, tomorrow.

I am so excited about those vests.
I hope they turn out the way I envision.
I will share my future progress with you
as I continue with the sewing projects.

Have a great night!

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