Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bootie/Sweater Set

My nephew, Titus, turned a year old in July.
When he was born, I made him a sweater and
bootie set out of frosty green and black.

It was SO CUTE!!!

I wish these pictures could do it justice,
but the lighting was bad the day I took them.

Better bad pictures than no pictures, I guess.

The booties are the "All Star" pattern from
by Kay Meadors

The sweater is the Victorian Rose Sweater pattern from
designed by Kelly Robinson.

My color choices were
Aunt Lydia's Frosty Green,
Black, and White.
Hook size 7 (1.65mm)

I found the cute little tennis shoe buttons at Wal-Mart.

If I make the pattern for a boy again,
I will edge it in a plainer stitch, like 
single crochet (American).
The scallops were a bit much
for a boy, in my opinion.

But CUTE nevertheless!!!

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  1. Such a great set - those tennis shoes are adorable. :)


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