Friday, July 16, 2010

Decorating a Boy's Room

I've been wanting to paint my boys' rooms
for several years now.  But I want them to 
be BEIGE.  Not yellow or rosy beige.
Just plain BEIGE

I keep procrastinating because the last
time I thought I had picked out BEIGE,
it looked like Chocolate Mousse
once it was on the walls.

And that's fine in my kitchen:

'Cause that's where you eat
Chocolate Mousse, right?

And it's ok in my feminine bedroom too.


But for the boys' rooms,
I don't want
Chocolate Mousse.

I just want BEIGE!

So I consulted my interior design friend.
She has a gift with colors.

I told her I wanted a cowboy theme
in one room and an army theme in
the other one.  

So she brought me some color cards
of some beige paints she likes.

And she brought me these

for the cowboy theme.

(Isn't she great?  
Her name is MaryBeth)

So now I need to decide how to use these fabrics
to accent the room with.

Any ideas???


  1. Those are great for a boys room, pillows are always fun.

    I really like the sweet bonnet you made in a previous post.

  2. Is the illustrated cowboy theme on the picture madeof paper? If so, I woundn't fill all the walls with it, but for instance two walls only. Otherwise it's too 'busy', I mean not for a 'relax'-effect for sleeping.

  3. Hey Lezlie..I found another small sack of the cowboy squares and some more of the bandana squares too...Im cleaning the craft room..who knows what I will unearth in the coming days! ;)

  4. Lia-the cowboy theme and bandana prints are fabric. I was thinking curtains or a quilt or the Crochet Lady suggested pillows. What do you think?

    MB-that's great!

  5. Crochet Lady-thanks! Great to have you here! Welcome new friend!

  6. Today while I was sanding I entertained myself by trying to figure out your room. What about making either a valance or side panels out of the cowboy fabric, tie them back with a little rope. then get old jeans at garage sales and cut them up into squares to make a cover for each boys bed, and use the bandana squares in the cover could get the boys to help you cut them out..hahahah! Then get a canvas drop cloth at the HD, wash it many times and bleach it a little to help soften it us, then cut it and use it for a bed skirt for hidden storage under the bed. Wait! do you have bunk beds? If so, you could use the drop cloth canvas for the curtains and then use the cowboy fabric for a valance and pillows. Wait! Why don't I just tell you this in person??? I just couldn't wait~! Love you friend!

  7. Thanks for all your wonderful thoughts toward me, MB. Love you too!

  8. MB, Oh, we have old jeans! Complete with holes in the knees.


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