Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dried Apricots

 Yesterday was all about drying apricots.
It was quite a process.

I borrowed a food dehydrator from a friend.

Then I commenced to slicing, pitting, and de-stringing
the apricots.  I pushed their backs forward and
tore the halves in half, making quarters, of course.

These quarters had to go in a citrus bath for 5 minutes.

Then onto the dehydrator trays...

And into the dehydrator,

Then came lots of checking and WAITING...
and checking and nibbling and WAITING...
and checking and switching trays and nibbling
(as you might suppose, nibbling
was the BEST part!)
and taking a few out
and turning them and nibbling
and WAITING...
and so on and so forth,

they were dry,
(around 10 hours later).

Was it worth it???

You'll have to ask me later,
when we start eating them!

Right now, I'm not sure.

With all this, I haven't had too much time
for hook work, but...

I've made a start on a pink pair
of Kay Meador's crocheted sneakers.

I'll let you know when I get to the pink part!

1 comment:

  1. Looks like you need a dehydrater of your own! YUMMY stuff, you'll appreciate all the effort this took, later on when others are enjoying and you see how good they are!

    Will look forward to seeing "the pink"


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