Friday, July 2, 2010

Garden Progress

Well, everything has been grow, grow, growing!

The onions have been harvested!

The cherry tomato plant has gone wild
and has had to be hog-tied.

The squash plants are finally getting their growth
and starting to put forth some fruit.

This particular squash must have grown
from a dropped seed.
It is growing between
2 layers of fence!

A determined plant, I'd say!!!

Now that the peas have finished their glory,
the green beans are pouring forth multitudes of pods.

 The okra are starting to grow and have
sturdy stalks to stand firmly on.

Note to self:  transplanting okra is NOT good.

Not only that, but the asparagus bed is coming along nicely!

The apricots will be coming off the tree,
probably next week.

Yum!  Apricot Jam, here we come!

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  1. Due to a blogger error, my friend Lia's comment could not be posted, so I am copying and pasting it in here. Thank you, Lia, and yes, the jam is tasty! We'll be making some more today.

    LiaGovers has left a new comment on your post "Fireworks and Apricots":

    Wow, you make jam too! I saw many times persons make it, in Holland and Italy. A dear aunt of my husband made also a delicious orange jam. Must be very tasteful!


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