Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Bomb

There is always some kind of fun going on at our house.  My boys invent games all the time.  One they have played off and on through the years is The Bomb.  

They have all sorts of board games.  Some times they play by the rules and sometimes they make up a completely new game that doesn't even resemble the original.  

That's how it is in the case of the The Bomb.  In this game, they use our game called Perfection.  (If you are not familiar with this game, it is a battery powered square box in which you depress the center and set the timer.  Then you place shapes of all kinds in the correct spaces with the goal being having all pieces in place before the timer buzzes and the depressed insert pops up and throws the pieces out.)   

They place the game ('bomb') in different rooms throughout the house in strategic positions.  They then depress the insert, reset the pieces, and turn on the timer.  

Then it is all chaos as they run away and hide, waiting for it to 'explode'.

Then, of course, when it goes off, there is much screaming and laughing.  And then they fetch The Bomb and cart it off to a new demolition site and start all over again.

I love their inventiveness.  It makes up for the screaming (usually)!

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  1. Hi, Lezlie - just found your pretty blog, and thank you for linking to mine!

    It's funny, I was JUST yesterday playing Perfection with my two kids; it's one of the few games that can unite a 12 y.o. boy and 5 y.o. girl. I bet they would love THE BOMB - will tell them about it tonight!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend..


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