Friday, July 2, 2010

Early on in Doily-Making

Here is a doily from among the first I made:

You can tell it is one of my early doilies
because it will not iron out flat on the edges.
It has a uneven, fluted look.

But everyone has to develop their skills.

No one starts out perfectly.

I think it is good to show the learning process,
as well as beautiful outcomes.

It always encourages me when someone else
will let me see their mistakes.  Then I know
they're not perfect either and it helps me
to relax about myself.  :)

So be a real friend by being REAL!!!


  1. very pretty doily....for a first project....pretty darn good. We all do have to start somewhere...look how far we've come. I don't post my mistakes, because I rip them out over and over....but I make em, boy do I ever. RIP IT RIP IT RIP IT....

  2. Thanks, Faith. I usually rip them out and re-do too. But when I made this, I didn't realize the trouble until I tried to iron it flat and I had already finished it off. Didn't have as much perseverance back then either. :)

  3. Still pretty for me too.
    If you knew how many 'mistakes' or not perfect results I myself made or had in crocheting, especially this kind of tablecloths. Each person, for knitting or crocheting has to learn how his own way of working is, maybe to tight or to large and not making a 'sample' before you start can expose you to other results than desired. ... Still for me now, after decades.


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