Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tools of the Trade - Crochet Thread Style

I was inspired by Erica over at Crochet by Day!   Last week, she had a great idea for showing us the Tool of the Trade she uses for holding multiple skeins of yarn for a color-filled project.  Awesome!

Her idea made me think of something similar I bought; only I had crochet thread in mind.  Here is a picture of my crochet thread holder, purchased at Wal-Mart.

I also got something a bit smaller for travelling
with projects with less colors:

I don't know if WM carries them any more, but it's worth a look.

These thread carriers are not
as dear to me as
my favorite
thread crochet tool.

My FAVORITE tool for thread crochet is...

a free-standing paper-towel holder!

I put the crochet thread on the paper towel holder,
which holds it, keeping it from the inevitable bounce
off the lap maneuver.  The thread rotates
and unwinds easily while I'm crocheting.

I'm sure others who are TCV (Thread Crochet Veterans)
have already thought of this, or something similar.

But those of you who are new to this
wonderful medium might appreciate this tip.
A Thread Crochet spool bouncing off your
lap onto the dirty floor is an annoying experience,
and so is having to chase after it.

(My dh suggested you might like to know this trick, so
I'm giving him full credit for that!  He is also the one
who inspired me to blog in the first place.
This is ONE of many reasons we are bff.)


  1. Paper Towel Holder ... what a fantastic idea! And it looks like it would hold more then one ball of thread. Thank you, thank you ... no more rolling around balls while crocheting. I so do like the white and multi thread you are using, I have to admit I am probably going to copy using those combinations to make up a little doily or something. Looks fresh and summery!

  2. Glor, hauling around more than 1 spool works, but while you're crocheting, you will want only 1 on there. Otherwise the spools catch on each other and your thread gets 'stuck' to the other one. At least it irritates me. :) You are probably more patient than I. I'm so glad someone got some use from my holder idea. I have done it for a long time and love it.

  3. Best Friend Forever, DH. Love you! :)

  4. Oh I love your idea of paper towel holder. Thank you for commenting on my blog. It's nice to meet you. You have a pretty blog here, I like looking at your thread crochet, very pretty. That shawl is awesome!

  5. Thank you Dixie for your kind words. I think blogging is fun (a recently discovered past-time for me, but long encouraged by my dh). I'm excited to see what you make of your blog.

  6. That's great, I do the same thing. Glad to find another who does the same. One I use is an old wood one that can lie on its side because sometimes I get a smoother pull that way.


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