Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Family

The cat and I are the only females at our house.  My husband and I have 4 boys who are eating A LOT and growing fast.  I take care of a little boy for a friend and even the dog is, you guessed it, a boy!  A friend once told me that I was woman enough for this household.  I'm not quite certain that sounds entirely like a compliment, but I choose to take it that way!  :)

I've been wanting to share the family with you a little bit, and like Lucy at Attic24, I think it best to be discreet for safety reasons.  So here are some glimpses.

Here the 3 youngest are watching popcorn pop in an oil popcorn popper for our End-of-School Party last week.  (We homeschool.)  You would have thought it was the Comedy Hour.  There was much excitement and giggling and screaming as the kernels popped.

Here is my second born pretending to be the Hulk.  (He took these pictures from here on down himself, except for the last one.)

Here is the dog.

And here is the other 'woman-of-the-house':

With my oldest petting her.
I saved the BEST for last.

The D.H.:


  1. You've got a good looking family there! Looks like the popcorn was a great bunch of fun.

    Hugs XX

  2. Thanks Barbara! I like them! :)


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