Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Crochet Limited by Produce

Hmmm....I haven't been able to crochet much lately.  Why?  Everything else is demanding my attention.

Today it was these:

Yum!  We had our first fresh batch of Green Beans on Monday night.  Now I have some more for tonight and tomorrow plus some for the freezer!!!

Our cherry tomato has given its first fruits as well.

Next, I will be moving toward the apricot tree.

Because LOOK:

Again, YUM!!!

 I think slowing down on crochet production is worth these yummy other endeavors.  Plus, my growing boys get more out of the fresh vegies and fruit than my crochet!  :)

I have worked in a little hooky time.  And I'm nearing the end on these:

Stay tuned for the finishing touches!


  1. Hey, that's great: having your own vegetables and fruit in the garden! Something really precious! Tastes more too.

  2. bountyful gardens are we picked our first garvest harvest from last year..and there are more to pick....garlic will be everywhere...and maybe....just maybe I can braid it...we'll see. Lovely green beans grown in your own garden, tilled by your hand
    It is the best.....I am working on another vintage potholder pattern I found..just started it today...apricots....:) how cool is that? do you can, or freeze them,,do tell.

  3. Well, Faith, I have 4 boys who eat A LOT of them fresh. I plan to make jam with some and to give some away to friends. I like to spread the blessing around!

  4. Make that 5 boys. I forgot the little one I take care of for my friend. :)


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