Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I feel honored!

You know, I've been making the Kay Meadors bootie patterns for about 6 years now.  And, obviously, I love them.

...Then, I get on Ravelry.

And there she is!

As NaturalStateKnit.

So I claimed her as my friend A.S.A.P.

And then, to my very great surprise (and delight), 
she returned the favor.

She noticed my small bootie collection that is fast growing over there.
(If I had taken pictures of all of them I've made, oh my!  Enough said!)

Anyway, I'll come to my point just a minute.

I felt like I'd met a celebrity and one that offered to be my friend as well!  :)

As Lucy at Attic24 would say, this circumstance made me heart-skippy happy indeed!

So, back to my point...

Kay Meadors is making new bootie patterns, 
this time with yarn instead of thread.

(Check out her work over at Natural State Knitting 
or at Ravelry.)


she asked me to test the crochet patterns for her!!!

"Would I?" I said.  "Well, of course!"  :)

So I am and in order to do it I must venture away from my beloved thread and use yarn, sock-weight.  (So hopefully my fingers won't notice the difference too terribly!)


since I didn't have any of that kind of yarn,
I simply HAD to venture over to our local yarn shop,
The Yarn Basket.

Miss Lorene fixed me right up.

I bought 3 colors (to allow for both baby genders, of course)!

The brand is Pace.  It is a washable, unshrinkable, wool blend.  Have any of you ever used it???

And, so, for certain and for sure, I have to show YOU, my blogging buddies!!!


Isn't it PRETTY?

Denim, Cream, and Pink yarn loveliness!!!

I'm especially fond of the Denim!

I can hardly wait to get started, so...

I'm going now...

P.S.  I'll post the names once I get started to head you in the right direction over at Ravelry.


  1. Wow! Congrats. Have fun crocheting the new yarn booties. :)

  2. Wow Congratulations to you! That's terrific. Can't wait to see your booties.

    Hugs XX


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