Monday, June 7, 2010

A Shawl for Me

I so seldom make anything for myself.
Are any of you like that?

There are so many occasions for gifts!
And I love to give people some special I've made.

But THIS one, I made for me.

And I love it!

This pattern is called "Breezy Wrap".
It is from the book,
Total Crochet Fashions

I, personally, did not care for all the patterns in this book,
but THIS one I love.  Besides, most books have things
that appeal to different personalities.

To me, this wrap looks like 1/2 of a HUGE doily!!!

And YOU know I LOVE doilies!

So why not wear one?

If you want to check the original pattern out,
it's on the front cover of the book.

I did not do the fringe because I had small boys at the time
and a very feisty, playful kitty.  :)


  1. Absolutely beautiful! You do amazing work.

  2. This is a really delicious one!

  3. Thank you Ladies! I love it. I wear it to church when they've got the air conditioning cranked up to cold! :)


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