Saturday, January 7, 2012

Promised Pictures

The sweater I am making is one of Kay Meadors from her Fashion Collection, Leisure Arts #3083.  The pattern is Crewneck Cardigan.   I am using burgundy thread which is quite lovely.  It is very difficult, however, to get a good photo of its true hue.

Here is the swatch I made:

It measured right.  But you would NOT believe the number of times I have started and re-started this sweater.  Grrr!!!  But it is SO pretty, that I am persevering.  I am.  I decided this last round, that if it is too small, I will just try to add more to the edging.

The purse is from a free pattern I got from Patons to use with their Grace yarn.  I have several skeins left from a baby dress I made my niece, which is posted here and here.  Plus, there is the perfect linen colored material in the stash from my mom to use as a liner.  I plan on customizing pockets for my own personal needs.  I have about 1/2 of the motifs done now.

The little doilies are for gifts.  I REALLY need to get them finished so I can send them off and be DONE with Christmas officially.  I also have to send our family picture out.  Plus school started Monday.  I'm sure it will all get done.  I pray it won't take me too long.

Whew!  Now all I need to show you is that little 12 mo. sweater...


  1. Goodness, you are one busy crafting gal! And I love seeing just what you are creating. The sweater pattern is gorgeous, what a beauty this will be. I'm finally getting the hook and yarn bug again, just loving it. Happy, healthy New Year.

  2. I make one craft at the time but you managed several... busy, busy, busy... and all very cute...
    Have a great week.


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