Monday, January 16, 2012

4 Little Doilies by Patricia Kristoffersen

I have finished 4 (and started a 5th, he he) of PK's Little Doilies!  So great!!!  You can get one done in an evening or 2.  Fast and BEAUTIFUL!!!  EXQUISITE!!!  DAINTY!!!  So, it's love, love, and more love on my part.  :)

Here's some pictures of them getting blocked and the finished product.  Let's do the 'Ta-Daa' first, shall we?

Had to show the ever-present light saber clearly once.  Homes with all boys have a few standards like this one, along with toy cars, stacking plastic blocks, army men to name a few.  :)

The edging on the heart gave me a few tough moments.  The directions were lengthy, and I was tired...  Besides, on a PK, I usually have one row I have to think a little harder about because of her complexity.  But it is SO worth it!  Because her designs are BEE-U-TEE-FULLLLL!!!



  1. They are beautiful. Patricia Kristoffersen is an amazing designer. :)

  2. They are all lovely, but I have a crush for the white...
    Have a happy week !

  3. I was so tickled to see the light saber. They are everywhere in my house, too. Love it! Beautiful crochet work :)


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