Thursday, January 5, 2012

More Crafting

I will start this post with my new bag holders.  For these, I used free material from my mother.  Several months ago, she gave me ribbon.  Then, in December, she brought me a bag of fabric and lace.

I knew just what I needed to do with a couple of the pieces!

Besides these items, I also started a couple of crochet projects for...(gasp)...MYSELF!  And I got FOUR NEW CROCHET BOOKS for Christmas from my mother.  So I have picked a few out of one, Patricia Kristoffersen's 99 Little Doilies, to try.  These are great short projects.  The doilies are 5" or 6" in diameter.  SO FAST!  I have finished 1, am almost done with another, and have started a third.  Here's a preview pic: 

(You'll have to come back for the detailed photos.)


  1. That is a great book. I use it to make coasters and just small ones just to throw around. I also put them in birthday cards or thank you notes. I am so curious what other books you received!! I have a pattern for a rug made out of those bags..would you like a copy?

  2. Debi, thanks!

    Vikki, a rug made out of plastic bags? How does it look? I would never have thought of that.


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