Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Crafting Galore!

I was VERY proliferous in the month of December in the crafty department.  I made many Christmas presents (and I'm still not quite finished with that holiday even though it is over).

In addition to the crazy amount of food I made, I also made non-food gifts.

For my moms' ministry girls, I made potpourri bags.  I made sunflower dishcloths for several family members.  I made doilies for some.  I made a yarn sweater for a 1 year old in one week.  I also am working on a purse and a sweater for myself.  I also got my mending done (hemming 7 pairs of pants and sewing up 2 stuffed animals), plus I sewed 2 new bag holders for my closet.  One for Wal-mart bags and one for bread sacks.

I will put some pictures in this post and some later.  (Somehow I forgot to take a picture of the 12mo. sweater before I gave it to her.  I will get one, but for now all I have is a picture of me working on it.)

For the potpourri bags, I used potpourri I found at a garage sale for .25/bag.  The ribbon was from the stash from my mom, remember that?  And I bought thin gold netting for less than $1.

And this is what the dishcloths look like:

Don't worry; more to come!


  1. Love it...all so creative and wonderful...looking forward to the pictures too...Happy New Year

  2. You have been really busy ! Your pot-pourri bags are lovely, what a great idea you had !
    I wish you a Happy and healthy Year 2012 !

  3. Thanks Girls! Happy New Year to you too!


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