Thursday, September 16, 2010

Whirl Wind Week

 Is it REALLY Thursday already?

I can hardly believe it!

Where has it gone?

I'm sure I don't know.  I have been busily teaching my boys and baking pumpkin bread and cookies and hauling boys to various activities and going to Church.  Today, I squeezed in cleaning my refrigerator!

Yay me!!!

I thought, 'while it is almost empty...'

I have a little more to do on the last side of the Summer Breeze Sweater before I can sew the shoulder seams and begin on the sleeves.  I just squeeze in a little here and a little there while a boy is reading to me or while I'm waiting somewhere.  Though I don't see much progress at each sitting, slowly but surely, it is getting finished.

Now I am applying the same principal to blogging today.  I have a boy reading to me, and I am typing as I can.  I looked and saw that it has been since last Saturday since I talked to you.  I thought, 'I'd better get on the ball!'  So here I am trying to stay 'on the ball' and juggle tasks without falling off.  I know I'll fall off sometimes, but as long as I get up and keep on trying, I will get somewhere!  The Lord is constantly empowering me and motivating to persevere in all the tasks that call my name.

(A blogging friend asked me where I got the Summer Breeze pattern.  It is a Coats and Clarks free project sheet (LC1332).  I don't know if you can get it from them or not.)


  1. Keep at it! Fall with (hopefully) be here soon :)

  2. You are one busy gal making time for everyone and everything. My fridge is calling, I should take heed from you and set time aside to tackle. Not one of my favorite things to do!


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