Thursday, September 9, 2010

Repetitive Patterns are Perfect for Waiting

Dear Friends,

I used to stay away from repetitive patterns; because, after I learned the basic sequence, I got BORED.  I like variety, so doilies and patterns that change are generally my favorites.  But now that I am SWAMPED, I am appreciating a predictable pattern more.

The Summer Breeze sweater pattern that I have been working on for awhile has been pulled back out.  It is perfect to work on when I go to wait for a dental cleaning, to pick up a prescription, or during whatever other unavoidable wait times I encounter.  I have almost completed the upper back during these times!

So many times I think, "I want to finish my butterfly, but I don't have the brain power to tackle that right now."  But I CAN pick up Summer Breeze and crochet a few stitches without having to tax myself at all.  I have even taken to doing it while the boys are doing their science experiments and I just have to be a supervisory presence.  :)   

Happy, happy!!!

So, I've been playing Hooky without bowing out of my responsibilities!   Hip-hip-hooray!!!

Happy Hooking to you as well!!!

With great satisfaction,


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  1. When I saw the started part of this crochetwork on your blog I was already curious how it ended up. It proceeds in a marvellous way.
    Still curious how it will be at the end. I love the color and the pattern! Where did you find the model?


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