Monday, September 6, 2010

Beautiful Birthday Butterfly - WIP

Well, as usual, I was not able to finish
a birthday present on time.
This one is for my Precious Mommy.



Just one more piece of wing left.

Her favorite color is red.
So I'm using red for the wing accent
with a white/gold variegated combo.

It's turning out quite nicely!
TONS of ends to tuck in, 
but I'm almost done with 
that part as well!!!

I got the free pattern off of Ravelry.

Working with the 2 colors is somewhat
tedious because you have to switch and tie off

But I think the outcome will be worth it!

Especially since it is for my Mom and
she's VERY worth ANY amount of trouble!


  1. Oh, a very beautiful butterfly, this one! Will be surely very appreciated.
    Thanks for the link to Ravelry, for I will copy the pattern too for some future butterfly myself, I believe.

  2. hi i love the 3 colors for the butterfly i never thought to do thats duh moment lol
    ive had the pattern for awhile i got mine from a vintage site somewhere Im going to try and make some to put at the bottom of curtains just havent got brave enough to tackle it yet
    god bless have a great crochet day

  3. Lia, thank you and you're welcome!

    Dee, thanks for stopping by! Hope I 'see' you around here again. I wouldn't have thought of the colors either if I hadn't been seeing SO many people using color on Ravelry. Plus, I really wanted to have some red for my Mom.


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