Tuesday, August 2, 2011


So much for getting to post
more during my break.

Now we are back to school.

With the return of routine,
comes renewed organization
and motivation to get things done.

So I put the finishing touches
on a couple of pairs of booties
and took some pictures to show 
you friends.

Thank you for being faithful friends.

And welcome to a couple of new friends!


  1. aren't those just the cutest..

  2. These are precious! I am trying to finish reading my latest book so I can start crocheting again.

  3. Booties are the Best! Charlotte, that is exactly what happened to me on my break. I got on a reading kick, and crochet flew out the window. I still have 1 project to complete before I can start something new. Somehow the finishing touches are what I always procrastinate on. I think it is because I have to round up all the stuff I need. I can be lazy like that.


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