Friday, August 19, 2011

Dreaming of a Doily Give-Away

I have been at this blog thing for over a year now.  I can hardly believe that.  And it has been fun.  There has been a little waxing and waning, especially waning of late, but I keep plugging away.  It is fun to be creative.  And it is even more fun to share your creativity with others.  Thank you for all your appreciation of my creations.  I have loved see many of yours as well.

I am approaching 50 followers. 

Wow!  That is SO cool!

To celebrate, I am crocheting up a GIVE-AWAY doily
to be gifted upon the big  5 0  being reached!

I already tried one, but I wasn't satisfied.

So I am doing a different one.

When I am finally done, as well as finally satisfied, 
I will post pictures and procedures.

I am SUPER THRILLEDISH about this idea.

It will be a treat to bless someone since I have been so blessed by your support.

I will tell you that the doily will be one of Patricia Kristoffersen's designs from the Absolutely Gorgeous Doilies thread crochet pattern book.  I LOVE HER WORK!!!



Have a great weekend!


  1. Have a great weekend too...

  2. Well then I hope you hurry up and get your 50th!! I love Patricia Kristoffersen patterns. She is one of the best out there. I wish she published a little more often. I believe I have every book she has ever put out.

  3. Vikki-I'm jealous! This is the only book I have. But I will probably get some more after I finish trying all the ones in it.



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