Friday, December 3, 2010

For the Birds

A few years ago, my husband fell in love with


He took many pictures of birds.
Here are a few of those:

Then for his birthday, I conspired with my mother,
who has more free time than I do as well as more
patience and perseverance, to make him a
cross-stitch bird collection throw.



Each square has a different bird type represented
and most have a scripture blessing.
So it is a doubly blessed endeavor of love.

I paid the money.

My mother did the labor.

And my husband received a double portion of love!  :)

For any bird-lovers out there, 
here are some of the individual squares:

God bless you and have a BEAUTIFUL day!


  1. You and your mother are fantastic. I love the way you worded this post.

  2. I agree, love to watch the birds. And as far as the throw, oh my goodness, it is breathtaking. What a masterpiece. This is a true work of art. How long did this take to make? To have someone love you this much. What a gift.

  3. Glor-my mother and I think it took about a year of her working off and on. She probably did umpteen other types of crochet projects at the same time. :0)

  4. That is just beautiful. I'm sure he loves it. I love the way you put scripture in each square as well. I both knit and crochet. I just love watching some small turn into something wonderful.

  5. Lilmonkeysmom - he does love it. Nice to meet you. Welcome to ECD!


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