Friday, November 14, 2014

Time Passage

My first son is in college this year.  And he has his first real girlfriend.  And he is joining ROTC and the National Guard.  I don't even know how to deal with all that, bewildered.  He is still living at home and trying to figure life out.  It is an adjustment for everyone. 

Looking good!

We are PROUD of him!

My second son is a Senior and is driving himself to school this year which is a big load off of me.  And, of course, he is glad to have more freedom!  Again, I'm not too sure I'm ready for this, but ready or not...

His football team, the Purple Dragons, are still in it this year!  They have only lost 1 game all year, and that only by 2 points.  They play tonight, here.  Brrrr!!!  It will be in the mid to upper 20s during the game.  I am going to BUNDLE UP!!!  He better KNOW I love him, that's what!

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