Tuesday, May 29, 2012

By George...

I think she's got it!!!

I posted about this beautiful sweater pattern a long, long time ago.
(See here.)
But I never could get the sizing right, so I took a break.

Then the other day I started it up again.  My last attempt
has apparently not been so bad, because I decided it
was actually about the right size.  In the picture,
you can see my swatch that wasn't really
very helpful, one of my more sizable attempts
that isn't long enough, and the most
recent is wrapped around the 
crochet thread ball.

I think I can rework the larger of my attempts
into a nice scarf.  So that makes me happy.
I feel that all that hard work was not for

Mostly, I am very happy to crochet
merrily away on the sweater so I
can actually get to wear it some day.

Have any of you been working on a
project that you just can't quite get
to work?  

I'd LOVE to hear your story!
Leave it in the comments!!!

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