Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Redeemed from Ugly

I saw a fun 'redeemed from plain' denim purse
on a blog I read,  Hooks and Yarns by Debra Yorston.
with cute crochet posies.

It reminded me of something similar I did.

I found a plain, ugly denim bag at a garage sale.
It still had the price tag on it.
Original price: around $15.00

I paid $2.00.

And then I went to work beautifying it.

I started with the plain little pocket...

and an appliqued rose which I purchased for around $2.00.

So now, I had spent $4.00, as all math-wizards can quickly deduce.

The rest are scraps from earlier craftiness.

Here's the pocket:

And here's the redeemed bag:
It's not crochet, but I still love it and use it often.

Some probably think it ugly still, but it's redeemed in my eyes.

A redeemed creation,
in the eyes of its creator,
is always most beautiful...

even if it is still flawed in the eyes of others.


  1. I love it - it's very pretty. :)

  2. How pretty. What beautiful additions you made.


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