Monday, December 31, 2012

"Just Alike"

My dad used to put his face next to mine.
Then we'd grin big and he'd say,
"We're looking just alike."

Over the years, he shortened it to "just alike".
Then he did it with the grandkids.

Now that he is gone, I miss that.
But, I'm carrying on the tradition 
(as well as others) in a new small way.

My 4 yr. old great-niece loves to have her fingernails painted.
(And so do I!)
I painted her nails 1st at my niece's wedding
a year and a half ago
to match mine.
She remembered that and wanted me to do it
again last Christmas, but I didn't have the
polish with me.

This year, I remembered it!

 (She did tell my sister, her Grammy, that if I didn't have any polish, 
she was bringing some.  So cute!)

Given several options, she wanted them
painted like mine.

So, "just alike" is still around!


  1. SWEET, it is the memeory of the heatt passed down to a new generation, by sharing it we keep our memory of heart alive. A sweet post.

  2. Wish you A Happy New Year !


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