Friday, April 15, 2011

Frog-It Friday

 Well, remember this?

Let's see if I'm making progress.

The PK doily is complete.  Check.

The beige sweater is complete.  Check.

Only 2 left, right?


See this little girl?
Well, I'm unsatisfied with the color combo.
So, instead of suffering through something
I'm not thrilled with, I decided to


I mean, after all, there are SO many projects
that ARE thrilling.  And a hobby is supposed
to be FUN, not a drudgery.'ve got to know when to rip them, right?

I may just do that to the last one too.  ;)

However, my project list isn't any smaller.

Currently, I'm working on 2 baby gifts, 1 burgundy sweater, 


which I REALLY do want to finish.
But I wasn't doing so well on the rose
motif sizing and quit in frustration.

I'm not over it yet.



  1. I almost had a frog it moment..but I hung in there and muddled through.., Have a great weekend.

  2. lovely work.. i love the colours too.. Yep.. know all about frogging versus unpulling, hate pulling anything undone but if it's not right I am never happy unless I pull it undone and do it again.. good luck with it :))

  3. Good for you Vikki! You have a great weekend too! If I haven't welcomed you to the blog, I say welcome. And if I have, welcome again!

    Jontina, welcome to ECD! I understand reworking things until you are happy with it! I've started that new sweater and re-sized it and done 4 long rows, but it may still be a teensy too big. So...I may have to re-do it AGAIN. This will make try #4 if I do. But, what's the use in an ill-fitting sweater? I also started some bonnets that are turning out too small and am going to have to re-do part of those too. I'm not opposed to that. But I just didn't like the color scheme on the one I frogged. Dissatisfaction to say the least.


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